Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's talk about a pouch.

No I don't mean the physical evidence of one to many bowls of ice cream.  Who wants to talk about that? 

I found one of these convenient garden pouches by accident and then went looking to see if there were any others I liked.  I found one other that looked comfortable and efficient. 

E-Z Pouch fits allOne thing that I liked about both of these pouches is that they don't extend to your knees.  I'm sure that bending and stooping isn't a challenge for 20 somethings who have no tummy, but lets face it that's not every gardener.  It's actually probably not the majority of us.  The flexibility and physical effort necessary for keeping up our passion is enough of a challenge for a lot of gardeners and we don't need equipment that inhibits us.  These hang at just the right level for actively weeding, pruning, and clearing.

I also liked the easy empty features of these bags.  Any bag is going to fill up sooner than we would like if we have a big project to complete.  I know it's important to be able to dump our container and get right back to our task.  These bags both seem made to accomplish just that.  If you are looking for that perfect holiday gift for the gardener on your list consider one of these.  Don't forget to stuff it with a couple of my Share-Croppers seed envelope packages!

The pouch with the zippers is called simply The Gardener's Pouch and here's the website:

The pouch with the bib apron is called E-Z Pouch Garden Apron and it's available here:

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hello and welcome to my "What's New for the Garden?" blog.  I'll tell you more about who I am in coming posts, but I wanted to start off with why I decided the world needed another blog.  I introduced a new product for gardeners this past year.  My product is called Share-Croppers and they are gift seed packages for gardeners who collect their seeds to share or sell.  The packages have illustrations of the individual flower, fruit, herb, or vegetable on the front and planting instructions on the back.  They are sold in 12 packs of a single design and you can find them at

I've been searching the Internet the last few months looking for anyone writing about new and innovative gardening products so I could share my product.  What I have found is that there are a lot more new and innovative products out there than there are people writing about them.  I keep stumbling across really great products, but haven't found a single site dedicated to just introducing new garden products and sharing thoughts about them.  That tragedy is about to end because I'm here to fill the gap!  This blog will be about the new and unique products for those of us who love to play in the dirt.  I already have a list for my first few posts, but I'm happy to take suggestions.  Please write to me.